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25-27th of September 2024

Young Investigator Pre-conference
on 24th of September 2024

Invited Speakers

A preliminary list of confirmed speakers

Dr. Claudia Doberenz

Dr. Claudia Doberenz

Head of Innovation, development & Quality

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG

Claudia Doberenz is Head of Innovation, development & Quality at MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG. In this role she is responsible for leading the team of medical device development & Quality, managing the Innovation portfolio as well as building a great network in the field of Soft, Strong & Hard Tissue engineering. The team is working from the field of market scoping to the initial idea of a product until the regulated development and scale up of the final device. The life cycle management of the products as well as the fulfilment of international requirements is an important part of the team.

She holds a PhD in Biology from the Martin Luther Universität Halle/Wittenberg in Germany and has a strong background in microbiology, cell biology and general biochemistry.

Dr. Vincent Ronfard

Dr. Vincent Ronfard

Chief Innovation Officer

Cutiss AG

Vincent Ronfard is a cell biologist who is passionate about developing products that help people heal. His approach to research and collaboration has been shaped by his inter-disciplinary training (farming, engineering, and cell biology), exposure to different cultures, and core values – Creativity, Diversity and, Humanity.

He focused on skin grafting further during his PhD in Paris and worked on transplantation of cultured epithelial stem cells on fibrin substrate to treat burns.

He dedicated his career to skin biology and to the development of treatments for wounds at various international companies resulting in more than 32 years of experience in regenerative medicine and skin biology in the US, Europe, and Asia. He is currently Chief Innovation Officer at Cutiss AG.

Dr. Dongsheng Jiang

Dr. Dongsheng Jiang

Principal Investigator

Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Dr. Dongsheng Jiang is a Principal Investigator at Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University since December 2023. He holds a PhD in Life Science from the National University of Singapore and completed postdoctoral training at Ulm University, Germany.

Previously, he served as a research scientist and deputy director at the Institute of Regenerative Biology and Medicine at Helmholtz Munich. Dr. Dongsheng Jiang’s research centers on understanding the functional heterogeneity of fibroblasts in skin development and tissue repair, with a focus on achieving fibrosis-free tissue regeneration.

Dr. Kyle Quinn

Dr. Kyle Quinn

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director

University of Arkansas, Arkansas Integrative Metabolic Research Center (AIMRC)

Kyle P. Quinn, PhD, is a tenured professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Arkansas and director of the Arkansas Integrative Metabolic Research Center (AIMRC).

His overall research interests are in developing and utilizing quantitative optical methods to characterize the spatiotemporal patterns of disease progression and tissue repair.

He received the NSF CAREER award in 2018, and his laboratory has been continuously funded by the NIH. In 2021, he established the AIMRC, an NIH-designated Center of Biomedical Research Excellence. The AIMRC integrates optical imaging, bioenergetics, and data science approaches to solve biomedical problems involving metabolism.

Prof. Dr. Esther Middelkoop

Prof. Dr. Esther Middelkoop

Professor of Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing

Alliance of Dutch Burn Centres, Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Professor Dr. Esther Middelkoop studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht,
and obtained a PhD in biochemistry.

She supervises the skin tissue engineering projects of the Alliance of Dutch Burn Centres, and holds a chair in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing at the Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery in Amsterdam.

Her special research focus is on Tissue Engineered Skin and Skin Replacement Materials, both in basic and in clinical research. Esther Middelkoop published > 190 scientific papers and is co-editor of the Open Access book: Textbook on Scar management. She is active in several scientific societies, editorial board member of Wound Repair and Regeneration and board member of the Global Scar Society.

Dr. Ana Carolina Figueira

Dr. Ana Carolina Figueira

Lead Researcher


Ana Carolina Migliorini Figueira, PhD, is a Lead Researcher at LNBio – CNPEM (Campinas, Brasil). Graduated in Biological Sciences and pHD in Biomolecular Physics, has expertise in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Biophysics, and Tissue Engineering.

Conducts research line in tissue engineering applied in advanced materials and in the development of new approaches methodologies using microphysiological systems. As coordinator of 3D Culture and Microfluidics platform, she leads projects in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and tissue bioengineering focusing in skin and cardiac regeneration, and in the development of in vitro assays.

Prof. Brian Eliceiri

Prof. Brian Eliceiri

Professor of Surgery and Dermatology

University of California San Diego

Dr. Eliceiri is a Professor of Surgery and Dermatology at the University of California San Diego.  He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and Post-doctoral training from The Scripps Research Institute.

He is an established investigator in the area of intercellular signaling, exosome biology, and immunology with a focus on translational models of wound healing, burn and trauma.

He will present on recent progress on understanding how the formation of Exosomes is regulated, how functional exosome payloads are identified and establish novel strategies for the testing of the biological activity of novel candidate exosome-based therapeutics in wound healing.

Prof. Dr. Patricia Dankers

Prof. Dr. Patricia Dankers

Professor in Biomedical Materials & Chemistry

Eindhoven University of Technology

Patricia Dankers is professor in Biomedical Materials & Chemistry at TU/e. She studied chemistry in Nijmegen. Her PhD studies in chemistry were performed with prof. E.W. (Bert) Meijer (2006).

She worked for SupraPolix, and the University Medical Center Groningen. Her second PhD thesis work in medical sciences was performed in Groningen (2013). She worked at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA (2010).

She received Veni, Vidi & Vici (2008, 2017, 2023) and ERC starting & ERC PoC (2012, 2017) grants. She has been awarded the KNCV Gold Medal (2020) and Ammodo Award (2021).

She is co-founder of the spin-off companies UPyTher (2020) and VivArt-X (2022).

Marcel Hoefnagel

Marcel Hoefnagel

Medicines Evaluation Board


Marcel Hoefnagel is a Senior Assessor of Biopharmaceuticals at the Medicines Evaluation Board (NL) and is specialised in cell & gene therapy products, vaccines, allergens and biosimilars. He was trained as biologist with PhD in Plant Biochemistry (Leiden University, 1993) and held several postdoc positions.

As a regulator he has initiated and contributed to research in Regulatory Quality Issues especially immune assays for biopharmaceuticals including ATMP.

Since January 2023 he is chairman of the Quality Innovation group (EMA) that supports Innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing.